van Wyhe's (pronounced van why he) Custom Engraving is a diverse
company offering custom products and services for industry, as well as
individuals.  Founded in 1987 in Fresno, California, VCE has grown
from a regional company, to a business with accounts throughout the

With the ability to engrave on almost anything.
VCE provides products for the medical, automotive, aviation, recreation,
and other industries.

Starting in 2008,
EV4U Custom Conversions, a Division of VCE, has
been converting internal combustion engine vehicles to electric.  EV4U is
continuing to grow, and exciting things are happening in the field.  
EV4U offers complete conversion service, as well as Consulting, Design,
Fabrication, and Repair of electric vehicles.  EV4U also provides How-to
Videos and Conversion Workshops.

VCE is celebrated 32 years in business in 2019.

If we can be of service, please contact us, we're here to help.
R. W. van Wyhe
van Wyhe's
Custom Engraving
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