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For over 30 years van Wyhe's Custom
Engraving has specialized in engraving
items that other companies can't
engrave or won't engrave.  We
engrave Jewelry, Glassware, Wood,
Plastics, Gold, Silver, Pewter, Platinum,
Brass, etc.  Below are just a few of the
many items we have engraved.  
Contact us today with your engraving
On permanent  display on board the
USS Intrepid

This truly magnificent bronze
memorial was designed and machined
by David Newton, WT2/C, and
engraved by van Wyhe's Custom
Engraving for
The Men of Intrepid in W.W. II.  
It was presented at the September 2,
1995 Tribute aboard the USS Intrepid.
Polished "I" Beam
Musical Instruments                         Fishing Reels                    Shovels
Laptop Computers                            Axes                                    Locks
Silverware                                         Tools                                    Watches
Bangle Bracelets                              Belt Buckles                       Computer Mouses
Cellular Phones                                Radios                                 Automotive Parts
Aircraft Panels                                  Cameras                              Flashlights
Shot putts                                          Cue Sticks                          Test Equipment
Stethoscopes                                    Handcuffs                           Scales
Candles                                              Keys                                    Flasks
Clocks                                                Niche Covers                     Urns
Eye Glasses                                       Bowls                                  Trays
Dies                                                    Molds                                   Jigs
Charms                                               Plates                                  VCRs   
Mastercopy                                        Templates                          Knifes
Guns                                                   Bowling Balls                     Baseball Bats
Wedges                                              Engine Parts                       Plumbing
Components                                      Auto Parts                           Motorcycle Parts
Electronic Components                   Face Plates                         Saw Blades
Scissors                                             Clipboards                          Pens
Wheels                                               Pocket Watches                 Thermometers  
Medical Instruments                        Gauges                                PDAs
Business Cards                                 Steering Wheels               Gear Shift Knobs
Rings (inside & out)                          Automotive Glass              Binoculars
Calculators                                        Bracelets                            Mirrors
Engraving Excellence Since 1987
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