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P.O. Box 812
Shasta Lake, CA  96019
Identigrave #071012-049
Jennifer's iPod
Dance to the Music
Personalization is a
deterrent to theft.
Engraving is
permanent and can not
be removed by thieves.
Postage will be paid by VCE.
Identigrave Security
Engraving has been one
of the best deterrents to
theft for over 28 years.
Identigrave has been licensed to van Wyhe's Custom Engraving since 1987.
Engraving Excellence Since 1987
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We can engrave an identification name or
number on almost anything.  Laptops, iPods,
Cameras, Tools, Autos, you name it.
a deterrent to theft for home and business.  Call
us today, we can save you money and grief.
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