The Phone Leash
The next best thing to the phone itself!
The Phone Leash is designed to attach to your phone
and allow you to wear it around your neck, strap to
your wrist, or easily remove from a purse or
pocket.  Made using industrial grade components,
the Phone Leash will outlast your phone.  Available in
red, white, blue, green and black.  The genius of
the Phone Leash is in the way it will easily attach to
your phone
.   Simply the best thing next to the
phone itself.
The Phone Leash, Only $9.95 each.  
Order Now!
Phone Leash
Phone Leash
Phone Leash
Phone Leash
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May not fit all phones.
Phone Leash
Easily supports
10 pounds!
10 lb. weight
hanging over
hood of vintage
Available in 5
colors.  White,
Black, Red,
Blue, and Green
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